Texas Home Sales - Seller Information

Selling your home is more than a financial transaction. It can be an emotional experience, with many factors both economic and personal to consider. At G2 Real Estate Group, we take the time to get to know our sellers and keep their unique needs in mind at all stages of the home selling process. Your real estate agent should understand your motivation for selling, and embrace that Texas home sales are an integral part of community building. Helping your family thrive–whether here in Burnet, TX or elsewhere–is our goal and our privilege.

How Much Is My Home Worth?

This is probably the most common question among home sellers. There are many factors that determine the final selling price of a house, including its size, age, layout and amenities, and of course its location. Are you selling a large house that could use a few upgrades? Is your home short on square footage but big on character? As your real estate agent, we have the expertise to assess your home’s market value and provide an honest recommendation for a listing price.

Advantages of Partnering with G2 Real Estate to Sell Your Home

When thinking about selling your home, it’s important to understand that home values fluctuate constantly. That’s why hiring a real estate agent who knows the local area and has the tools to compare your property to others on the market will give you a significant advantage. Especially if you’re trying to relocate at the same time as selling your home, partnering with us can make the process dramatically easier.

G2 Real Estate Group offers the following benefits to those looking to sell real estate in Texas:

  • Save time by letting us do the market research to price your home competitively
  • Organize showings and take steps to pre-screen potential buyers
  • Access to private networks with buyers you would not otherwise be able to reach
  • Manage offers and negotiations so you get the best result without the stress
  • Ensure timely closing and a smooth transition once your home is sold
  • Honesty, transparency and personal service every step of the way

Tips to Help Us Sell Your Texas Home

While we will do everything possible to make your home sale or land sale a successful process, there are a few tips to keep in mind that will help us attract the best offers:

  • Consider your motivation for selling your home or land and be open with us about it. Are you looking to upgrade, downsize or relocate? What is your desired timeline for closing the sale? If relocating, we can help with the buying and selling aspects and time each step accordingly.
  • Help us make your home as attractive as possible for potential buyers. That might mean rearranging some furniture, clearing out clutter or other cosmetic tweaks to improve the staging for house showings.
  • Work with us to schedule open houses and private showings. We always strive to minimize disruptions in your daily life, but timely showings can be powerful tools in attracting the right buyer to your property.
  • Be prepared to close and move out quickly. While the average home takes between 60-90 days to sell and close, the ideal buyer for your house may require a shorter time frame. Plan for a fast close and you’ll be in a strong position as a seller.

Are you a home seller or have land for sale in Central Texas? Contact us today to get started!